asayesh Carpet

about us

Asayesh textile company of Kashan participated in export affairs Established in 2001 as producer of machine-woven carpeting. Given the good planning and continuing effort, in addition to developing job opportunity and employment of 250 people, it has received numerous honors, examples being picked out as the top national exporter within 5 years (2010،2011, 2013,2015،2016), and also as the top provincial (Isfahan) exporter within 12 consecutive years (2004-2015). Using high-tech spinning machines, and applying professional and technical staff, the company produces desirable and high quality of machine-woven carpets including: 1200, 1000 and 700 reeds carpets, kid's rugs, frieze carpet, Gabbeh, kilim, and Jajim kilim. From the beginning, a considerable effort by the company's managers has got into producing desirable fabrics which are competitive with similar foreign ones in order to export the company's products to the target countries. Since using desirable and economical cotton yarn is one of the most significant factors in producing machine-woven carpeting, and also plays a key role in tending to compete in global markets, the company has fulfilled the requirements of purchasing, establishment, and utilizing the modern spinning machines and understandably attain producing kinds of cotton yarn usable in modern spinning machines based on customers' desire to export to different countries in future